Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Today at the Playground

Our New Puppy

We are going to get a new puppy tomorrow.  For my children, that is cause to celebrate but I am a bit skeptical.  This is not it's actual picture but it is the kind that we are getting - Rhodesian Ridgeback.  They were bred to hunt lions and are out of South Africa.  We had some kids to jump over our fence so we figured that we needed to go ahead and get a dog for security.  So, we'll keep you up to date with the saga of the new puppy.  I'm sure that there will be much to tell, starting with a 6+ hour trip tomorrow back to Mongu!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Wonderful Man

I just wanted to say that I love my husband.  He is such a great man of God who inspires me toward a deeper relationship with the LORD.  I am so blessed to share my life with him.


If you have not heard from us lately, it is because we have had some computer problems.  We could receive your emails but could not send any out.  I think that we have them figured out but we lost about 15 emails that we had put into the Drafts folder.  So it may take us a little while to get back with you again.
We are here in Lusaka for a Supply Trip.  We have lots of shopping to do and many errands to run.  Yesterday, we met up with our friends, Kenny and Lesley Vines.  We were at ILC with them and they got here about 2 weeks after us.  We have not seen them since June and it has been so nice to catch up with them.  As we drove from Mongu to Lusaka (over 6 hours), I was thinking of how I am already a different person from just 2 months ago when we arrived.  :-)
So, we are off today to do some of our shopping.  Jeff and Kenny are off somewhere and Lesley and I will start off at Game.  I'm actually looking forward to shopping (no surprise to most people) since it has been almost 2 months since I have had this type of shopping opportunity.  I feel a little giddy which is kind of funny considering where I will get to shop today (on my birthday). :-)  I'll be hitting the online shopping later, too.  I'm really looking forward to THAT!

The Evangelist

This is our front gate and these are some of the girls that come to play with Hadassah and Zoe some days.  This day, for some reason, we had asked that they not come in the gate.  I think that it was almost supper time or something.  Hadassah wanted to share with them about Jesus so she took her Bible to sit outside with them as she read them the Living Word.  
We are so proud of her.

Friday, August 7, 2009

UZT in a boat

Just wanted to share a picture of our Upper Zambezi Team.  This was taken at the Scott's house last month.  In the picture are: from left to right, front to back: Amy Smith, Sky Scott, Zoe, Mike Smith, Evie Smith, Hadassah, Levi and Robyn, Jeff, Gerri Helton, Melissa Frady and Tyler.  Daniel Scott took the picture.  
Isn't missionary life great?!?