Saturday, November 27, 2010

More of our trip

We arrived safely on the other side, even though the pontoon had a leak and was the be fixed. We had a second of panic when we arrived on the other side and the pontoon driver said he was putting the pontoon up for repairs today and wouldn't run again that day. I got on my phone, texting some of our team members to pray and we left - with the faith that the Lord would take care of it all. After about an hour and a half of driving on an ox cart path, we arrived at our friend's house. We were driven around a bit, meeting some church members and family members then we arrived at the church - after fording some pretty deep streams (while I prayed fervently that we would not get stuck). As we arrived, the church members began to sing, beautifully. I cried as we shook hands with everyone - I was so happy to finally be there. We had about a 3 hour worship service. They had made these wonderful instruments. We have never been at a church before that had homemade guitars (that worked!) and homemade bass. It was a great worship service!

Our First Trip to Mukuma Baptist Church

While waiting for the secretary of the church - who was going to show us the way - I snapped this picture. Very cultural, very common.
The pontoon to take us across the river.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Zoe's 6th Birthday

Zoe started her birthday with presents. In the afternoon, we went to the movies. She chose to eat at her favorite restaurant, Mike's Kitchen. They all came out to sing 'Happy Birthday' to her after supper. We thank God for Zoe!

Monday, November 8, 2010

New Friends in Lukulu

Our fence in Lukulu is chain link, as you can see. So far, we really like this better than the high 8 feet concrete walls that we had in Mongu. We really feel like we are more a part of the community. Brona, who lives next door to us, came over to meet the kids the other day. They played a little while inside the fence then went outside. Yes, Levi's hands really are that dirty...
Our yard in Lukulu does not have any trees. The girls can climb on the water tower but nothing beats a good tree. This tree sits right outside our fence.

The Must Anticipated and Prayed for Crates!

On the way...
About 2 hours later, we finally got to unload...

The First Crate's Arrival in Lukulu

This is what we managed to get from Mongu to Lukulu. The bigger trailer was broken and we had to use this smaller trailer. We got the majority of our stuff but will still need to go back next week to get the rest. In the white trailer, under all the furniture is our half crate that had our sofa bed and a few other things in it. The guy in the hat is Dwayne, for whom you have been praying. The little green trailer is the one that we haul back and forth from Lusaka.

This is one of our crates that was under all the furniture. We were all curious to see what was in it.

Traveling To and From Lukulu

Just wanted to give you a glimpse of the road to Lukulu. We travel 4.5 hours down a dirt road to arrive in Lukulu. It is only about 120 miles but it takes so long because the road is incredibly rough. From Lukulu to Lusaka, it takes 10 hours.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The saga continues...Please pray!

We waited all day yesterday for the much anticipated crates to arrive but, alas, they did not. We called the driver but we must have the wrong number because no on there would speak English to us. A thousand things could have happened. The truck could be stranded on the road, out of cell phone service. We have seen many trucks who have had to camp out on the side of the road until the right part could be found. Or maybe the truck just arrived late last night and he just didn't call us to tell us that he arrived. Please pray that the crates will arrive safely early this morning (Thursday, 4 November). We only have a few days until we have to head to Lusaka on Sunday, 7 November. That is part of the frustration that we finally get here and have to turn around and leave for Levi's therapy. Please pray for joy in the midst of our daily struggles. We could never do this without your support. Thank You!