Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Canine Factor

Just wanted to show a picture of the new addition to our family. This is Jose'. He is a 7 week old Jack Russell and brand new to our family.
We can't forget about Titus. We have had him awhile. He's a Rhodesian Ridgeback. He is just over 2 years old. He is our guard dog. Titus has to work for his food while Jose' gets fed just because he is cute.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

While the guys were running, Melynda and I took the kids to the bridge that spans between Zimbabwe and Zambia. It spans the glorious Victoria Falls. We had quite an adventure to get there and it was a little longer walk than expected but we had a great time. Below is the Zimbabwe Border Post - Levi, Madylanne and Zoe.
This is just a glimpse of Victoria Falls. I think that I heard that the Falls actually span over a mile. It is dry season in Zambia right now but in rainy season, the whole Falls gushes with water.

Victoria Falls Marathon 2011

Jeff and Mark had a 6:30am start off.
Here is Jeff coming down the finish line.
Jeff came in at 5 hours, 57 minutes and Mark came in at 6 hours, 4 minutes. This picture was taken just after they came through the finish line.
We are so proud of them both!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Update on Levi

Levi began the week in therapy with a Language and Listening Evaluation. We got his scores yesterday and it was good news! Out of 100 (which is the average), he scored 92 on his oral and 98 on his listening which means he now falls into the NORMAL category. We are so excited for him! He continues to have speech delay issues but he has made so much progress within these last 13 months. We praise the Lord for ALL things that come from Him!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Life and Death, Darkness and Light

Two days ago, our neighbors' 35 year old son died - most likely of AIDS. There is such sorrow next door. At unexpected intervals, we can hear their sounds of grief. We went to visit them yesterday - to pray for them and share some of God's love for them. Such a burden to bear.

Four days ago, during Jeff's Tuesday Bible Study, another neighbor was saved! She is 67 years old and has never heard the truth of salvation by faith. Here, they are told that one is saved through works and not by faith. She was wondrously saved by FAITH in Christ!

Life and death just next door. Please continue to pray for the salvation of the Lozi and Luvale. Pray that we will have the words to share in all situations and opportunities.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

How Can You Pray for Missionaries?

A missionary friend of mine just posted the below outline on how to pray for your missionaries. I know that I send out a monthly update with specific prayer requests for each day but these requests below really cut to the chase into the daily lives of all missionaries living all over the world. Any missionary would tell you that the battle is won or lost in prayer. We all covet your prayers and daily rely upon your support.
Thank you so much for praying for us all!

  • Pray that they would be confident in God's Word. (Acts 13:4-6)
  • Pray that they would be filled with God's Spirit. (Acts 13:7-9)
  • Pray for their victory in spiritual warfare. (Acts 13:9-12)
  • Pray for their success in gospel witness. (Acts 13:12)
  • Pray for peace with other believers, in their homes, and marriages. (Acts 13:13)
  • Pray for favor with unbelievers that they would be open to the gospel. (Acts 13:14-15)
  • Pray that the gospel will be clear through them (Acts 13:16-48)
    • The gospel revealed in Paul's sermon
    • The character of God. (Acts 13:16-26)
    • The sinfulness of man. (Acts 13:27)
    • The sufficiency of Christ. (Acts 13:28-38)
    • The necessity of faith. (Acts 13:39-47)
    • The urgency of eternity. (Acts 13:48)
  • Pray that God will open hearts around them. (Acts 13:48)
  • Pray for their joy in the midst of suffering. (Acts 13:49-52)
  • Pray for their kindness in the midst of slander. (Acts 14:1-2, Matthew 10:22)
  • Pray for supernatural power to accompany them. (Acts 14:3)
  • Pray for Christlike humility to characterize them. (Acts 14:4-18)
  • Pray for their patience. (Acts 14:18)
  • Pray for their perserverance (Acts 14:19-20)
  • Pray that God would use them to make many disciples. (Acts 14:21-23)
  • Pray that God would use them to multiply churches.
    • Churches filled with people who know the Word of God. (Acts 14:22)
    • Churches led by pastors who teach the Word of God. (Acts 14:23)
    Prayer outline is taken from a sermon of David Platt's called "Fasting That Changes the World".

    Monday, August 8, 2011

    Stepping Out in Faith...

    We have been very encouraged the last two Sundays that we have met with the group of believers in Lisheshe/Kashushu. Saturday, when Jeff went to Kashushu for Bible Study the area chief came and met with us and assured us the plot of land has been given to the people. What wonderful news and we give God all the praise and honor and glory for these results. However, the body of believers have decided to wait until the case is heard on the 23rd of August before they clear the land. They don't want there to be any problems. We think this is a good idea.
    So, please continue to pray concerning the plot. Also, Sunday morning, our group of believers decided to have what we refer to as an informal business meeting and voted to step out in faith and begin to secure the poles that will be necessary to build a permanent structure to meet. They know a place about 14 kilometers outside of Lukulu to cut good poles for a structure. This week one of the believers will find out the cost to transport the poles to one of the believers homes.

    Please pray that the believers will give so the cost of the transport can be paid and the poles delivered and please pray that the enemy and his workers will not gain any foothold within this group so that God's work will not be hampered.

    Sunday, August 7, 2011

    Advance Warning...

    Just wanted to give you some advance warning and ask you to pray for The Good News Club on Wednesday, August 10th. We begin at 5pm which is 11am EST and 10am CST. Jeff leaves for Lusaka on Tuesday and will return on Sunday afternoon. Which means he will not be here to help with the kids on Wednesday. All the kids got out of school on last Friday for a month. Even when the kids were in school, we were running about 70 – 80 kids.

    So, I am asking that you might start now – praying for a great day of Good News Club. Pray that the kids will listen well during the Bible study. Pray that they will understand God’s love for them. Pray that we will be able to manage all the kids. Pray that the game time will be organized and fun for all. Pray, pray, pray!

    Also, Jeff leaves for Lusaka on Tuesday morning , the 9th, and will not return until Sunday afternoon, the 14th. I never like it when Jeff is gone but this time, I am really liking it even less. Please pray for the kids and I as we hold down the home front here in Lukulu.

    Wednesday, August 3, 2011

    This Just In...

    I literally just took this picture a few minutes ago of SOME, not all, of the kids who are waiting outside the fence for Good News Club. They have been amassing since about 3pm. We usually let them in about 4:15pm and then we start our ministry at 5pm. Please continue to pray that the children will know that they are special and that God loves them.