Saturday, November 23, 2013

Five Minute Friday (on Saturday) - Fly

Wow - well, here goes nothing.  I'm starting to get very disillusioned with the internet lately.  I can't seem to find anything that I really find uplifting.  As a result, I've started to look to some of these girls' blogs that I find through different methods.  Girls (or ladies, really) that are trying to get it right.  Trying to find the wings to soar; to fly.  We have recently made a huge life change.  And it has grounded me.  I can't remember the last time I felt I could fly.  I want to soar with wings like eagles.  I want to be lifted from this new life we have embraced.  So many day, I feel that I cannot even look up; let alone, fly with feet off the ground.  Oh, but I am learning to fly again.  I am learning to do some things that I am not used to do and this post is definitely one of them.  Ministry has changed for us and therefore, I have not posted much on my blog.  I really want to use this blog to soar on the love that the Lord has given me and point others to fly along with me.  May it be so, dear Lord….

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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Blue, Green, Purple and Hello Kitty!

Just a few pictures to show Zoe's birthday party yesterday.  We had a fellow missionary family (=friends) over for blue cupcakes, green icing and purple ice cream.  We are so thankful for Zoe!