Saturday, September 6, 2014

South Luangwa Park Vacation 2014

We have just gotten back from a week in South Luangwa Park.  It is considered the best game park in Zambia and as you will see, it lives up to those accolades.

This seating area is just out back of the house that we were staying in.  Each day, except for Friday, elephants came to drink and play in the water/mud.

 The house also had a pool and honestly, the kids were more excited about the pool than they were the elephants, giraffe, warthog, bush buck, puku, impala, baboons and monkeys that we could see from the outside sitting area.

 There are 80,000 hippos in the Luangwa River.  We saw lots of them.

 Leopards are not easily seen in the park but we ended up seeing 4 of them in one day!

 Two baby giraffe (or at least, small) had just bounded across in front of our truck.  This one walks right out in front of us and stared us down - wondering what we were, I guess.

 This leopard was eating a impala when we drove up.  I guess he got full and decided to lay down and rest for a bit before finishing his meal.

 These lions were literally just laying in the middle of the road.  They were all sleeping while about four vehicles just watched them.

 As you can see, we were very close to the lions.  They were not impressed with us.

 From what our safari guide said, wild dogs are extremely rare to find.  We found four adults and three pups on the hunt for some food.

 The hyenas were likewise not impressed with us as they rested near where a group of lions had made a kill.

 This is inside the house where we stayed.  You can see the elephants coming in for their (almost) daily mud/water time.