Thursday, September 9, 2010

Praying for the House in Lukulu

We have been asking you to pray for the house in Lukulu. This great man, Dwayne Mitchell, is the man that you have been praying for. Dwayne works very hard and will continue to need your prayers for the next couple of weeks as he works so hard to get the house done. Jeff and Dwayne will be going to Lukulu next week to work on the house.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

More pictures from these last few days

This is our complete Upper Zambezi Team. L to R: Daniel and Sky Scott with Baby Scott, Melissa Frady, Gerri Helton, Evie Smith, Mike Smith, Tyler Smith, Amy Smith, Robyn Lowe, Hadassah and Zoe Lowe, Jeff Lowe and Levi Lowe, Mark Wint, Melynda Wint with Baby Wint and Madalynne Wint.

The Lowe Family
(Zoe and Levi didn't want a picture taken but Hadassah was quite ready.)

Twin Friend (Evie Smth and Hadassah Lowe)

At work and At Play!

Learning the Lozi Language with our language helper, Chuma.

Our daily life-

Main Street in Mongu.

Shopping in the market. This is where we get almost all our fresh vegetables.

Good friends at the market.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Having Fun in Lusaka!

A fun night out in Lusaka = eating at a restaurant and getting ice cream (at 8:30pm!). Here is Zoe, Hadassah,
Evie Smith, Levi and Madalynne Wint. They are almost all of the kids on our Upper Zambezi Team. Tyler Smith was watching as the picture was taken. We will have 2 new additions to our team as the Scotts will have a baby girl in October and the Wints will welcome a new baby in February. Good times with good friends.