Monday, November 21, 2011

A Few More Pictures from Kaluwala

It looks like the Lord has opened the door here in this community. Jeff will start storying Creation to Christ with the adults and I will start storying the Bible with the children. We will probably take the opportunity to camp out for 4 days or so in January, too.

Kaluwala - Making the most of a new opportunity

The kids made a see-saw out of an unfinished fence railing.

Here Jeff is talking to the head man of the area -
asking permission to come and teach in his area.
It is a huge blessing that the head man is the father of the new believer, Khoms (in white shirt).
Wherever we go, we attract a crowd, especially a bunch of children. I took the opportunity to tell a Bible Story to these children. Only one knew the name of God's Son that day.

A New Opportunity in Kaluwala

On Saturday, we drove an hour and a half to visit a new believer, Khoms, in Kaluwala. He is a teacher at Kaluwala Community School. In Zambia, community schools are not funded by the government so they have to provide everything for themselves - even the teachers are not paid. Below is the school. Wherever we go, we seem to attract a crowd.

Below are some kids peeking through the window of the school.
Below - Khoms is proudly showing us the school room.

At the End...

Above is Pastor Vincent of Mukuma Baptist Church and Jeff. Pastor Vincent started this church all by himself and even has preaching points as far as a 5 hour walk away. He is a great man of God and is doing a fantastic job in Mukuma.
After church, it is customary to line up and shake everyone's hand. Here we have come out of the church and are waiting for everyone to file by and shake hands.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

During Worship at Mukuma Baptist Church

The choir is behind Zoe. They love to dance and sing. They even have some dance steps coordinated with the songs.
Who is this below?

Teaching at Mukuma

I got to teach the kids the story of Moses and Daren Davis taught the adults.

Arrival at Mukuma

Here we are standing in front of the Baptist Church in Mukuma. Below, the worship has started with lots of music and dancing.

Starting off across the Zambezi River

Friday, we started out across the river to fellowship with the believers in Mukuma. We first have to get on the pontoon ferry to cross the river then we had to drive about 2 hours to reach the church. As you can see, it was sprinkling pretty well in the morning.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

11/11/11 - Happy 7th Birthday, Zoe!

For her special birthday lunch, Zoe chose chicken nuggets, french fries and lemon icebox pie. Jeff made the chicken nuggets and fries while I made the pie. We are so grateful for the blessing that Zoe is to us each day!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Lottie Moon Christmas Offering - 2011

Calling all Southern Baptist!
Please give sacrificially to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering this year.
Sweeping changes have been made in the IMB in the last 3 years because of lack of funds. Some of those changes needed to made, other changes have sadly had to limit the sending of new missionaries to the field. When Jeff was pastoring, he would exhort our church family to give more to Lottie Moon than you spend on Christmas gifts. I know that many people were very surprised by this but really, which is more important - a life changed for Christ or a toy?