Friday, November 27, 2009

Baptist Mission of Zambia

The complete Baptist Mission of Zambia as of a couple of days ago.  We love our new mission family!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Daniel Smith, Melissa Frady, Sky Scott, ME, Gerri Helton, JEFF AND LEVI, Melynda Wint, Mike Smith, Mark Wint with Madylanne and Amy Smith

Protea Prayer Retreat 2009

We just got finished with our mission wide prayer retreat today.  We had some really awesome times of specific prayer.  It was wonderful to finally meet the whole mission family.  We had a little bit of time to go on a game drive.  We saw these ladies.   They were huge and intimidating, even behind the fence. One of the workers said that if they were free to roam on the game park, there would be no other animals. :)
This is three families from our team.  Mike and Tyler Smith are in front with the Lowe family in the second seat and the Wints in back.
Below are many but not all of our Zambian MKs with Kevin Rodgers on the far left.  Starting from left to right: Kevin, Heather Shwarz, Evie Smith, Taylor Langston, Hannah Rodgers, Hadassah, Lily Helgren, Easton Helgren (standing), Lane Schwarz, Seth Schwarz, Anna Bowman, Abigail, Bowman, Zoe, Levi, Tobias Schwarz, Micah Langston and Tyler Smith!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Home in Mongu

I am looking forward to getting back to our normal so as I was looking through my pictures, I decided to put some pictures of our house on the blog.  Below is Levi's room.  I am standing in the far corner.  The door is to the left of the night stand.  He has a twin bed, night stand, (almost empty) toy box and a fan in his room.  We are kind of bare bones as we will not be able to unpack our crates until we get to Lukulu.
This is looking at our room from the doorway.  To the left of the bed is the closet and at the foot of the bed is the door to the bathroom.
Below is our living room, looking at it from the hallway.  The dining room is kind of behind the tv.  The front door is to the right of the window.  Again, you can see that we are pretty bare.  The furniture has been placed there by the mission so that we can use it during our language study.  Just a little glimpse into our 'regular' lives. :)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

More pictures from our homestay

Last pictures before we left.  The Mwenda family has 7 children.  As you can see, a few of them were missing in this picture.  The 2 oldest boys had already gone to the field at about 5am and the baby girl would not get in the picture.

Hezekiah was going to ride this bike with 3 children on it as we went to church but we subtly got our children off of it.  Zoe actually stayed on it for just a little bit but quickly got off as she thought that he was going too fast.  The walk to church ended up being about 40 minutes each way.

Jeff was able to help thatch the roof to the bathing house.

Our family had a mango tree in their yard and they ate several each day.  Here is Elias, Levi and Zoe as each were in different stages of eating mangos.  The hut in back was the one that we stayed 3 nights in.

The mango tree.  Can you find Zoe?

Our Kawere Homestay

Levi and Zoe are helping to wash clothes.

I am washing dishes and scrubbing pots with dirt.  Dirt is a great abrasive and works great to get pots cleaned.  Behind me is the chicken coop.  In the left of the picture is the bathing room.  Jeff helped to put a thatch roof on it.

Hadassah did really great.  She jumped right in to help with dishes, sweeping the dirt and here she is helping to ground peanuts into a powder with a large mortar and pestle.


HERE is our 40/40 experience chronicled in pictures on Suzie Rodgers' blog.  There are many pictures of the kids and everything that we have been doing for the last month. Hope you enjoy!