Friday, December 5, 2008

Please pray...

Prayer Changes Things by Jo Moulton

I am not one who often asks other to pray for me. I loved to lift others up to our Father but rarely ask others to do so for me. But today, I am asking. As you know, we are in the process of applying to become career missionaries (again) with the International Mission Board. Sunday, December 7th at about 6:15pm Central Standard Time - Jeff will be sharing with the church about this process. We have already begun to tell a few people in our church - FBC's ministry staff, the chairman of the deacons and few other very close friends. Now it is time for Jeff to stand before our beloved church family and share with them about the process of becoming IMB missionaries. Please pray that Jeff will approach Sunday night with the boldness and confidence of one who is filled with the knowledge that he is being obedient to Christ above all else. Pray that the telling will go smoothly and the receiving will be joyful.

Please pray for FBC's church family that after they work through the initial shock that they will rejoice with us and be supportive of us as we continue through this process. We will need their prayer support in the days to come. We are also going to have to tell our children on Sunday. We have not figured out how to do this as children, at least mine, tend to tell everything they know. I could list a hundred ways that you could pray for us on Sunday night but I won't. I'm just asking you to PRAY.

Fly the World by Fabrice De Villeneuve

We leave for Richmond, Virginia for our Candidate Conference on December 8th and will return on December 13th. This week will be full of more interviews, medical evaluations, conferences and lots of information. Evidently, there will be about 65 or so missionary candidates at this conference. I am looking forward to going but that also means that we have to leave our children for a week with Jeff's mother, MeeMee. It is never easy to leave my children and I have never left them for this amount of time. Please pray for MeeMee and the kids that they will be able to find their own routine and that the week will go smoothly.

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Angie Lynn said...

I didn't know you were telling the kids today too! Oh wow! Praying, praying...