Friday, March 27, 2009

Happenings at the Lowe House

We have only about 2 more weeks left here in Buna. I have not yet started packing. I guess that I am procrastinating. It's just so hard to realize that is actually time to pack up the house (sniff, sniff). But I have been throwing away stuff. Lots of stuff. And I'm going to go at it again today...

Stylized Figure Throwing Litter into Trash Can

Also, Levi has been very sick this week with a stomach virus. Out of our almost 8 years of parenting, I think that this is the worst that I have seen any of my children. I also think that Jeff and I have a touch of it as our stomachs have been kinda yucky lately, too. Just as long as we don't get the full blown virus that Levi had. He is doing better. I am up to giving him about an ounce of liquid every 30 minutes to keep him hydrated. He's not yet eating but is up playing with his sisters.
Get Well Soon, Sick Rabbit

So, next week - I will actually try to begin packing. We have 700 cubit feet of space in which to pack/crate. So, we are limited by space, not weight. That means all areas will be packed in - such as our fridge, dryer, stove, box springs, chest of drawers. We have to fill every available space to get it all in. We are going down to Houston on Monday to buy our large appliances at an International Appliance sore then on Tuesday, I'm going shopping (Look out!!!) so - yikes! - that means that I won't actually start packing until Wednesday. Oh well, nothing like a deadline (April 13) to get you going!!!


Here is a picture of 200 cubic feet. So basically, we will have 3 and a half of these. You can kind of get an idea of how big it is by the person standing next to it. So that's that!


robin said...

You can do it! Hope that virus gets away from your house! I can't imagine having to figure out how to pack a crate. At least ya'll have done it before. Hope your weekend is better.

pastorricky99 said...

Sounds very exciting! I hope everyone gets to feeling better soon and the packing goes well. In some ways I guess you can be lucky to take your own personal things, those in some areas I know can't pack anything but their clothes in suitcases and have to buy everything new where they serve.

You all have been and will continue to be in my prayers. Hopefully we will have a mission wall up in our foyer and I am looking forward to adding you all to it (which, by the way, I need a picture of you guys!).

Let me know any particular prayer needs that I can share with my church... love you guys and again, hope everyone gets to feeling better soon!