Monday, June 22, 2009

Leaving on a jet plane...(tomorrow!)

Tomorrow we will pack up the cars at 10am. Yes, I did say cars - plural. We will have 10 pieces of checked luggage, 3 backpacks, 4 carry ons, 1 carseat, 3 kids, 4 adults and probably a few other things thrown in there. We will head out toward Louisville, KY so that we can catch our flight to Chicago, O'Hare. After a 5 hour layover, we'll take the 10:05pm flight to London which is supposed to be about 8 hours. Then we'll have a 7 hour layover in London and get on another plane bound for Lusaka, Zambia. I think that flight is 10 hours.
Then we will arrive at about midnight (your time) Wednesday, June 24th which will actually be Thursday, June 25th - 7am Zambia time (our time).
Please pray:
~for our family that we leave behind;
~for joy as we travel;
~for peace and patience as we manage flight travel with 3 tired kids. I probably should include myself in with the tired kids :-) ;
~that the layovers will pass quickly and enjoyably;
~for anything else you can think of!!
Please keep in contact with us. We count on your prayers and your support!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Robyn!!

Just wanted to leave you a note of encouragement! I think of you, Bro. Jeff and the kiddos often, and tomorrow me and God will have a special chat together that the start of the travels go smoothly and safely. Can't wait to hear of all that God is going to do through the Lowe's for the people of Zambia!

-Haley Smith