Monday, March 1, 2010

Our Day Today

Today, we took a trip to Senanga to put a short term missionary friend on the boat to go across the floodplain.  The boat that was supposed to take him was not going to run until he got a full boat which was 17 people.  There was no guarantee that boat was going anywhere today so we went to the Senanga Safari Lodge to wait and decide what to do.  As we were pulling into the lodge, we saw that they give boat rides.  So, thank the Lord, they agreed to take us across the floodplain for a decent price.  So all 7 (driver included) hopped onto a 4 passenger speed boat to cross the mighty Zambezi River.  It was a fun ride.  We all had to wear life jackets that were too big for all of us, especially the kids.  Here are some photos from our day.  
I am learning to try to be prepared as we take trips but I still forget things.  Note to self: bring sunscreen on our next adventure.

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Lisa said...

We will be looking for the Zambezi River on the globe tomorrow. As we look on the blog or get updates, the girls like to see where ya'll are or are going. Your family is continuously in our prayers. Miss ya! Blessings! Love having the prayer calendar to know what to pray for specifically. God Bless!