Saturday, May 29, 2010

Going To Johannesburg

Levi and I leave tomorrow for Johannesburg, South Africa. He will have his oral motor skills evaluated on Monday then on Tuesday, he will be admitted into the hospital to do a hearing test under sedation. After these two tests, I am to sit down with our Personnel Director to discuss how we can get the best care for Levi. Yesterday, I got in touch with a Speech Language Pathologist who has a private practice in Lusaka!! Most of her clients are children and she has been practicing for 14 years. She was very kind and very willing to help us with Levi. We do not know what options we will be given to us for Levi but my heart is definitely leaning toward seeing this SLP every 2 months or so while we work with Levi at home in between his appointments. There could be a wide variety of options, so I pray that the very best one will be found for Levi - no matter what that means for us as a family. Please pray for us next week.
We could do nothing without your prayers.

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Carla said...

Hey Sister! I'm praying for you guys!