Sunday, August 7, 2011

Advance Warning...

Just wanted to give you some advance warning and ask you to pray for The Good News Club on Wednesday, August 10th. We begin at 5pm which is 11am EST and 10am CST. Jeff leaves for Lusaka on Tuesday and will return on Sunday afternoon. Which means he will not be here to help with the kids on Wednesday. All the kids got out of school on last Friday for a month. Even when the kids were in school, we were running about 70 – 80 kids.

So, I am asking that you might start now – praying for a great day of Good News Club. Pray that the kids will listen well during the Bible study. Pray that they will understand God’s love for them. Pray that we will be able to manage all the kids. Pray that the game time will be organized and fun for all. Pray, pray, pray!

Also, Jeff leaves for Lusaka on Tuesday morning , the 9th, and will not return until Sunday afternoon, the 14th. I never like it when Jeff is gone but this time, I am really liking it even less. Please pray for the kids and I as we hold down the home front here in Lukulu.

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Robyn, perhaps one or two of your team members will surprise you with a visit during this time..