Friday, September 9, 2011

Two Peas in a Pod

Here are the two new additions to our family.  
On top is Jose' and enduring his love is our new kitten, Lila (long e sound).  We named the kitten Lila because she has almost cried non stop since we got her two days ago.  The SiLozi verb for 'to cry' is kulila, so therefore - her name, Lila.  We have had a time trying to socialize the kitten as she was half wild when we got her. She is coming along and allows us to hold/pet her.  She still almost cries non stop unless she is asleep or someone is holding her.

Both Lila and Jose' are the exact same coloring - white and tan.  As you can see, they are becoming friends until Lila spits and scratches Jose' then he goes off and leaves her alone until the next round.....

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