Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Satan Strikes Again!

Living in Africa, no missionary can discount the spiritual world that swirls around us. When I lived in Texas, I didn't really give much thought to the Spirit World but living here in Zambia, we are confronted with it almost everyday - young children with woven charms around their waists, passing by the witch doctor's (traditional healer) house on our way to Sunday Worship, children and adults with white marks on their foreheads
and even amulets worn around the neck.

We are even experiencing it on a more personal level on Wednesday afternoons. The last time that we had Good News Club, several children staged a revolt right outside the gate - chanting and yelling during the Bible Story Time. Today, I noticed that our numbers were quite a bit lower than they have ever been. My helper/translator told me that some of the boys have been spreading rumors that we are taking the pictures back to America where we will sell the children. This is so heartbreaking to me because we have taken their pictures so people in America can see them and PRAY for them. This is really not too surprising to me as I have started into the stories of Jesus and Satan does not want
Jesus to be proclaimed to these children.

Please pray for God's power to be evident through the Bible stories that we tell.
Pray that His Spirit will draw the kids back to Good News Club.
Pray that the spirit of fear will be cast out of them.
Pray that they will know that they are loved by God and also by our family.
Pray for Justin - as he is one of the main boys who has been spreading these rumors.
Please just PRAY.......

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The Byrd's Nest said...

Oh my friend, this has happened to us also. They think they we stole Lottie and Emma from their parents and we are wanting to steal their children too:( Praying for your ministry and that God will mute those who are spreading these rumors. Love you big!