Wednesday, May 2, 2012

WHO am I?

Coming to the field this time with three kids, I had an idea of what life would be.  I knew that I would basically be doing the same thing that I did in Texas.  I would still be homeschooling, taking care of my husband, cooking and making our house a home.  

What I didn't know was the joy that would be mine to be just exactly (and only) what God has called me to be - wife and mother.  Never mind that doing here all the things that I did in America is a hundred times more difficult and complex.  It is also many times more sweeter to do so.  Many days when I am juggling all that demands my time, I stop to thank the Lord for what He is doing in our lives.  

Is this the 'simple life' that everyone seems to crave?  Well, I can tell you one thing for very sure - nothing about living and ministering in the bush of Zambia is simple but it is simply a joy to do so.  

So, who am I?  I am exactly who God has called me to be.  What about you?  Has the world pulled you away from your first priority - being a wife and mother?  
Come back to who God wants you to be.

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