Saturday, November 8, 2014

Visiting the Northern Province of Zambia

Recently, we travelled to the Northern Province of Zambia to visit two missionary families.  The first day was a long 12 hours.  We stopped on the side of the road to eat lunch.  We usually eat lunch in the car as we travel but this was the day that the Zambian President Sata passed away and Jeff was trying to find cell coverage so he could send out an email to our mission family.  

At our first stop, we went to visit Kalambo Falls.  It was beautiful.  It is in a total, out of the way spot (if you know what that means in Africa) :) but they have put in new stairs and railings.  It was a great time to trek up and down those stairs to see a glimpse of God's majestic creation.

I forgot my camera and only had my phone to take pictures, so I didn't get any pictures but of the falls.  The following pictures are courtesy of my friend, Dawnya.  We had a free afternoon on Monday, so we played Mexican train.  It was super hot that afternoon with hardly any breeze.

 Here, the girls are playing board games.

 A picture of all seven kids.  

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