Friday, March 20, 2015

A Book Review/Recommendation

I am making a new foray into book reviewing.  This book was absolutely stunning! I have long been a fan of Mesu Andrews even though I did not love 'In the Shadow of Jezebel'. Mesu is a master of biblical fiction. This may be my most favorite of her literary offerings. The history and research of the story did not overshadow the plot and characters but beautifully enhanced the entire book. The Bible was wondrously intertwined with fiction into the story which made it all flow so effortlessly. 

This is book is based upon the short description of Moses being put into the Nile as a baby and how he was raised in the Pharaoh's house.  The way the author took those few verses and created this amazing story was phenomenal.  The focus really was on the pharaoh's daughter and the book was ultimately her story.  I loved imagining 'What If' with Mesu Andrews and thoroughly enjoyed how it all tied into the Word of God.  I was even surprised by a few details that I did not realize were in the Bible.  

I was caught off guard when it ended and wanted it to continue into the Exodus but as I turned the last page, I realized there is going to be a Book 2 (yippee!!) that will focus on Miriam.  Very much recommended, especially if you love Biblical Fiction (which, honestly, I do not always prefer). Also, the Author's Note at the end was fascinating.

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Carla said...

I am SO glad that you're sharing with us the literature you are reading! I've read several books that you've read & recommended including The Preacher's Bride. I'll definitely check this one out too. Thanks!