Saturday, January 24, 2009

Where we are now and a look into the future...

You may wonder what we have been up to lately and/or where we are in the IMB application process. If not, that's okay - I'll tell you anyway... Right now, we are just waiting for a phone call on Monday, February 16. On that day, our candidate consultant from the IMB will present us to the IMB Board of Trustees and personally give us a call afterwards to tell us if we have been accepted or not. If we have been accepted/approved for appointment then our next step will be to go to Greenville, South Carolina for a Appointment Week, March 14th-20th. This is another week of informational meetings that will culminate with the actual Apointment Service on Wednesday, March 18th. So, while we are all waiting I thought that I would show you a few more pictures of Lukulu and Zambia...

Women in Lukulu, fishing in the Zambezi River

Woman with child in Lukulu

Dugout canoes on the Zambezi River

Sunset over the Zambezi River in Lukulu

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Anonymous said...

Those dates make it seem so close. It probably seems like forever for you though. Really great pictures!