Sunday, May 3, 2009


Please pray for all of us here at ILC.  The rotavirus has attacked our campus.  There are currently about 15 people sick.  One child had to be taken to urgent care to have an i.v. put in because of dehydration.  Zoe has thrown up twice this morning but I'm praying that it is not the rotavirus.  She does not exhibit all the symptoms of rotavirus so we are hoping that it is just a stomach virus that Levi had at the beginning of this week.  I also have had a weak/uneasy stomach these last few days.
I will admit that I used to pray for these requests but at times, I just shot off a shallow prayer to soothe my conscious.  Gee, that sounds harsh, doesn't it?  But, alas, it is true.  But, praise the Lord, He is showing me that there truly is awesome power in prayer - so I ask you to beseech the Father that He will stop the spread of this illness.  Please pray that the parents will not be discouraged or depressed (that's how Satan works, ya know).  Pray that the children will get well very quickly and that God be glorified through it all.  Please pray that discouragement, anxiety and fear will be banned from our lives as we deal with this outbreak and try to continue to learn all the Lord has placed before us.  I'm counting on you!

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The Byrd's Nest said...

Oh Robyn...we are praying so hard for your family and for the others. It seems as if everyone is under attack doesn't it? Lottie and Emma Jane miss Zoe terribly at school. We pray for her each day by name. Big Hugs.