Monday, September 28, 2009

Update on the Lowes

Went to the orthopedic specialist today.  All is well.  She re-casted Levi's left tibia with a fiberglass wrap.  We didn't get to choose a color but I was very glad that they had fiberglass wrap.  He is fine.  It is a spiral, non-displaced fracture, not a green stick.  
Prognosis is still the same - 6 weeks in a cast.  
Our crates have arrived!!  We were able to open them and pick out just a few things.  Most things were really well packed and we were not going to unload the whole crate just to find something that may not be able to be found.  I was able to get some spices out, some drink mixes, Christmas plates, a few games for the kids, my cast iron dutch oven (!), some silverware, a few tools, Levi's wooden train set and just a few more things.  So glad for what we got. 
We still have quite a few errands to run tomorrow then we will be back home to 
Mongu on Wednesday.

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