Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What been happening?

Levi has broken his shin bone.  Actually, it is a green stick fracture which happens when the bone is abruptly twisted.  He ran into me last night when the lights went out (he couldn't see) and knocked himself down flat.  Evidently he twisted his leg and it fractured.  It wasn't swollen so I gave him advil and put him to bed.  It was still hurting him this morning.  He would not stand or try to walk but cried when put down.  So, we took him to the hospital here in Mongu to get an X-ray.  He now has his cast and is doing fine.  He will have to keep it on for 6 weeks.  Please do pray for us as Levi will not be able to be up and about these next few days.  That should make for some interesting days!
  Below, he is exhausted from the hospital ordeal.

Here he is upset because he cannot get down and didn't want his picture taken.
In other news, we got stuck in the sand on Sunday as we were going to church.  We were very grateful to have Melissa and Gerri with us.  Melissa pulled us out in reverse and we went on to church!  Just another day in our lives.


Ashley Lowe said...

i miss you uncle jeff!
and of course the rest of the family!!
it seems like forever since ive seen yall!!
seems like your having a good time over there.
ok..well I LOVE YALL SO MUCH!! And MISS YALL!!=)
love lots..ashley!

Angie Lynn said...

Oh my! Poor guy! Praying for a quick recovery... for ALL of you! OUCHIE!