Friday, December 4, 2009

Look what we found in Lukulu

Bed bugs!  Yes, those are all bed bug bites.  Levi also has a lot of bites, Zoe just a few, Hadassah less and for some reason, Jeff has none.  But even more important, we were able to find a house that we really like.  It is unfinished and the verbal agreement is that the guy has to put in floors, ceilings, windows and paint the outside by February.  If he does this, then our LC will come in and finish the rest (which is ALOT).  If this works out, we will be very happy.  We really like the house.  It has a unique floor plan, not the usual ranch style and a very large yard.  Please continue to pray for our housing in Lukulu.  Please pray that the owner/builder will be a man of integrity and trustworthy.  We'll keep you updated!

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Cook Family said...

Just some FYI - we were told we had bed bugs in Lusaka when Kelsey and Coby kept breaking out in these bumps. We washed the sheets in very hot water, and also cleaned the mattresses by beating them and putting them out in the sun. Our kids experienced break-outs several occasions and were finally put on meds for allergies. Glad you all found a house and we are praying for you as you serve in Zambia.
The Cooks (Niki)