Saturday, February 13, 2010

Saturday's Trip to Lukulu

We went once more to Lukulu to check on the house.  The owner/builder had made great progress.  Everything that was supposed to be done was in progress and almost done.  That is Africa for you. :)  It is now a very good chance that we will get the house.  The house had some quirks and things that we would not have done.  For example, the bathroom is so narrow and small that only a bathtub fits into it and even then the door will have to swing out into the hallway because it is so small.  He put a sink in the dining room because everyone here washes their hands before they eat.  Not a bad idea at all.  He painted the outside a coral color and was going to put light blue where the porches are.  I think we convinced him that it would be just as easy to finish the house in the same color. :)  The owner should soon have everything done so that when our Logistics Coordinator comes in March, they should be able to sign a contract.  So we are very happy with the progress and the greater possibility of getting this house!  
Here are a few pictures:
Above is the side view.  The house is an L shape.  The first two window is is the living room, the next window would be Levi's room and the last window is the master bedroom.
This is the front view.  The first window to the left is the living room, the next is the dining room, the next one is the kitchen window and the very last window on the right is a window in the hallway that is just in front of the schoolroom and the girls' bedroom.  The house goes on a little bit on each side.  I couldn't fit it all in.

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pastorricky99 said...

very nice! when i was in china the bathrooms were quite different as well! keeping you all in our prayers!