Monday, November 8, 2010

New Friends in Lukulu

Our fence in Lukulu is chain link, as you can see. So far, we really like this better than the high 8 feet concrete walls that we had in Mongu. We really feel like we are more a part of the community. Brona, who lives next door to us, came over to meet the kids the other day. They played a little while inside the fence then went outside. Yes, Levi's hands really are that dirty...
Our yard in Lukulu does not have any trees. The girls can climb on the water tower but nothing beats a good tree. This tree sits right outside our fence.

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Brandi Vaughn said...

Thanks so much for sharing on this blog & facebook. My family enjoys looking at the pictures and reading your updates.
We had missionaries, Sherrie Bumstead & Ricky Davis come speak at church two weeks ago. Kaci has become very interested & went to work in their warehouse one day last week. It is wonderful to see people heeding to God's call.
Please continue to keep us updated as you can:-)