Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The saga continues...Please pray!

We waited all day yesterday for the much anticipated crates to arrive but, alas, they did not. We called the driver but we must have the wrong number because no on there would speak English to us. A thousand things could have happened. The truck could be stranded on the road, out of cell phone service. We have seen many trucks who have had to camp out on the side of the road until the right part could be found. Or maybe the truck just arrived late last night and he just didn't call us to tell us that he arrived. Please pray that the crates will arrive safely early this morning (Thursday, 4 November). We only have a few days until we have to head to Lusaka on Sunday, 7 November. That is part of the frustration that we finally get here and have to turn around and leave for Levi's therapy. Please pray for joy in the midst of our daily struggles. We could never do this without your support. Thank You!

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