Monday, January 30, 2012

Just Another Day?

Nyambe came last night to ask Jeff to go and pray for his sister, who was sick. As Jeff arrived, there were several people waiting outside the hut - eerily silent. Jeff talked to Sisii, a baptized believer and the girl's father. As Jeff entered the hut, the girl was acting very strangely and it soon became apparent that this girl was more than likely demon possessed. Jeff began to pray for her, laying hands on her and calling out the demons in Jesus name. After some time, he also walked around outside with with Sisii, praying for protection on the whole family. After about an hour, the girl began to act normally and sit by the fire outside.

Witchcraft is VERY real here in Zambia and therefore, many people can become demon possessed. Sisii had asked Jeff to come to pray for his daughter because she wanted to be taken to the witch doctor. Praise the Lord for the belief of Sisii, a relatively new believer. Pray for renewed spiritual strength that will glorify the Lord in all things. Pray for Sisii's daughter that she will be delivered from the powers of darkness and accept Jesus as her Savior. Pray for us as we stand in the gap for our Lozi friends and new believers.

Just another day...

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Carla said...

Robyn - All I can say is WOW! What a mighty God we serve! So glad that Jeff was able to call upon the name of Jesus so that his power may be evident in that family. Keep up the good work!