Friday, May 23, 2014


Yesterday, I celebrated 15 years of marriage with my husband.  It has been an eventful fifteen years.  As a brand new bride, I was immediately thrust into the role of Pastor's Wife as Jeff was already pastoring a church when we first met.  
Nineteen months after our wedding, we were on the mission field in Costa Rica.  Three days after we arrived in Costa Rica, I found out that we were expecting our first child.
Twelve major moves, three children and four countries later, here we are at fifteen years of wedded bliss.
As I have looked through our pictures, I'm realizing that we have a huge gap of pictures before 2005 but here are a few pictures from the (recent) past:

Levi's baby shower in 2007 by our wonderful church family at First Baptist Church - Buna, Texas.

Our brand new family of five.

Leaving Texas - packing up everything we had in 3 1/2 crates to ship to Zambia.

One of the prayer card attempts in Virginia - at the end of our eight week mission orientation.

The kids' typical appearance while we were in language study in Mongu, Zambia.  
Notice the difference between the prayer card picture and this one...

Ministering to children in Lukulu, Zambia.

A recent picture taken in our yard in Lusaka.

Fifteen roses (you can't see them all) for fifteen great years with my wonderful husband.  I am so grateful for where the Lord has brought Jeff and I - physically, spiritually and emotionally.  It seems like we have been around the world together and there is more still to come.  
On to our next 15+ adventurous years together....! 

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Robin Ensign said...

Love the pictures! Hard to believe it's been that long, but then sometimes it seems like forever to me. Love reading your blog.