Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Purple People

Monday was a public holiday here in Zambia.  The Lusaka Baptist Fellowship Churches held a parade and conference on that day.  We were asked to walk in the parade.  We were pulled up front to walk right behind the band who were right behind the Lusaka Baptist Fellowship banner (seen below).  I guess it's not like we could blend in in the back anyway, so why not put us all up front! :)
Here in Zambia most all the denominations have 'uniforms' or specific colors that they wear to signify to which church they belong.  The Baptist color is purple.

 Below is me, Noria and Suzie.

Before the parade, we all gathered up at the Freedom Statue.  Our missionary friend here with us is John.

The kids are waiting to begin the march with Hannah and our newest missionary, Julie.

Walking along, having fun - Hadassah and Hannah.

More smiles - Hadassah, Julie and Hannah

It was a big parade with lots of churches.

Snaking around the corner, there are even more that can't be seen.

After the parade, we ended up outdoors for the conference.  On Monday, Jeff preached twice with the time interspersed with lots of singing and celebrating.  This year marks 50 years of freedom from British rule.  Even though Independence Day isn't until October, this was a special day to celebrate with Zambian Baptists the freedom that we are given in Christ.

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