Friday, August 1, 2014

2014-2015 Homeschool Curriculum

The new homeschool year has already started for us.  Many people have had questions on what we use for homeschool over here in Zambia, so I thought I would just tell everyone.  
Feel free to skip this post if homeschooling does not apply to you. :)

Above is Levi's Second Grade Curriculum.  
From the top down:
Rosetta Stone Spanish, Abeka Readers, Christian Light Readers of Helping Hands and Happy Hands, Explode the Code, Science in the Beginning, Horizons Math 2, All About Reading 3, Comprehensive Curriculum of Basic Skills 2nd grade, Language Smarts C, A Reason for Handwriting and Traditional Manuscript Handwriting.  Not pictured is Adventures in Phonics C because I forgot to put it in the picture, Mystery of History Volume 4 because they have not released the hardcopy (we are using a download for now) and The Drive Thru History American History Edition DVDs.  These are just the basics as we have lots of other books that go along with these, especially living books for history but I didn't want to pile all of them up for you to try to see...

Above is Zoe's Fourth Grade Curriculum.
From the top down is Abeka Spelling, Kay Arthur Bible Studies, Rod and Staff English 4, Meaningful Composition Writing Curriculum, Rosetta Stone Spanish, A Reason for Handwriting Cursive, Science in the Beginning, Horizons Math 4, Lightbearers Worldview Study (this is actually for middle school but I am adjusting it for all our children and it is the Bible that we all do together), Bob Jones University Reading 4.  She also is doing Mystery of History Volume 4.

And, Hadassah's Eighth Grade Curriculum.
From top to bottom is Abeka Spelling, Bob Jones University Literature, Deeper Roots Bible Study (we love these!), Rosetta Stone Spanish, Teaching Textbooks Algebra, Lightbearers Worldview Study, Bob Jones University Writing & Grammar and Bob Jones University Science 8.  Not shown is Mystery of History Volume 4.  This doesn't look like much (I realized as I piled up her books) but all of these subjects are very well rounded and in depth.  She also has a myriad of living books that go along with the Mystery of History as does Zoe.

Below are a few pictures of our school room...

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