Monday, June 27, 2016

Our Stateside in Pictures...

There are LOTS of pictures in this post as I try to show you in pictures our most recent time in the States.  I very much apologize for my lack of postings and I am going to endeavor to keep our blog more up to date!

In October, right before we left Zambia, Jeff and Steven hosted a special lunch for the guys that have been involved in their street vendors ministry.

They gifted us with a painting of our family.

 Just a few days after we arrived in Texas, we celebrated Zoe's 11th birthday on November 11th.

 A few days later, we got together with the family to celebrate again.

 ALL of Jeff's family were together for Thanksgiving.

The kids and I loved Happy Hour at Sonic!

 We were all astonished at the bounty of readily available snacks.

 Christmas - a few days early in Texas.

Driving 14 hours to Kentucky...

Christmas day in Kentucky.

 After Christmas, we travelled to South Carolina for a few days to visit family
and found Krispy Kreme!

After South Carolina, we travelled through New Orleans on our way back to Texas.
Here we are enjoying beignets at Cafe DuMonde.

 Levi had accepted Christ in Zambia but we were not able to baptize them as most churches just have Baptism a few times a year.  So, we waited until January so some of Jeff's family could attend.

 Just a picture of the kids as we shared about Zambia in churches in Texas.
We spoke 37 times in 25 weeks!

In February, we were able to be in our church's new directory.
Here is a shot of us after the official pictures had been taken.

 A friend let us come out to the barn and she gave the kids impromptu riding lessons.

 February also saw us at Great Wolf Lodge to have a short mini vacation.

 Jeff ran his third marathon at the end of February.  He came in first in his age group!

In March, we were able to spend too short of a time with great friends of ours.
This family is so dear to us!

 At the end of March, we celebrated the three April birthdays - Levi, Kirby and Steven - all on the same day!

 At the first of April, we travelled to San Antonio to meet our volunteer team that will arrive in July.  Jeff also did some training for them to prepare them for evangelizing in Zambia.

 The day of Levi's actual birthday - April 5.  We had gifts then went to Chuck E. Cheese for lunch.

Spending the last days with the family.  Cousins Unite!

 Just three days before we left Texas.  Frozen yogurt with family.

 I got a whole cake to eat right before we left!  Yum!

 The last day arrived - traveling to Houston - on the way back to Zambia.

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