Tuesday, August 16, 2016

This is Missions...

I recently read a blog post on A Life Overseas.  I really admire this blog and the various articles/blog posts that I have read.  This blog post spoke about what missions was in an Asian setting.  I have been thinking a bit about what missions is like to me, here in Zambia....


This is missions.....

It's waking up in the middle of the night when the electricity is out and trying to kill a buzzing mosquito in your net.

It is never wanting to throw away any container that could possibly be useful in the future.

It is loosing a child's shoe in the pit toilet because you can't manage to get his clothes off of him in the tiny stinky space and hold him semi over to dirt hole so that he can do his business.

It is five adults and seven kids all having the time of their lives seeing who can kill the most mosquitos in one room.

It is watching the stories of the Bible come alive (on a felt board) in the eyes of beautiful ebony children.

It is eating Ben & Jerry's ice cream for supper while in the States, just because you can.

It is realizing the key to a happy life might just be a good shower and a comfortable bed.

It is praying fervently over your sick child because there is not adequate medical care.

It is driving on the left side of the road in a new city with people literally all over the road, shifting a stick shift and talking on the phone while trying to convince a loved one in America that you are a bit busy at the time to talk to them.

It is your children learning to love the nations while on a walk with Dad.

It is having your 8 year old son spontaneously share the gospel with a man at the market and the man coming to know Christ.

It is being stopped crossways in the middle of a road and being almost sure that the cars coming at you full speed with either stop or swerve around you.

It is being in almost total wilderness/bush and knowing without a shadow of a doubt that God knows exactly where you are, even if we were not so sure at the moment.

It is saying goodbye to family and friends way too many times to count and having your heart crack a little every.single.time.

It is heart-rending when after you share the Gospel with someone and their only response is that it was a good story.

It is having to explain the most basics of American culture and life to your children when we are back in the US.

It is hearing a young new believer say that his life has changed since he has met us (and Jesus Christ).

It is walking through a small town's market and having all the ladies who are selling vegetables spontaneously and collectively cheer when they see your whole family.

It is realizing your son has arrived in the grocery store with no shoes on (more than once) and being ok with it.

It is seeing a young pregnant demon possessed woman writhing on the floor of the Baptist church.

It is a tiny, dirty, beautiful ebony hand slipping into yours.

It is doling out American Peanut Butter M & M's one at a time (and not every time they ask) to your own children.

It is never again fitting in anywhere - in the USA, nor in Zambia.

It is pure joy to be given the daily opportunity to die to self and share Jesus with Zambians.

It is knowing that it is all absolutely worth it and you would do it all over again if He asked you to.