Monday, April 6, 2009

Look who's 2.....!


Yesterday (April 5) was Levi's second birthday. Jeff spoke at our friend's church and they had an Egg Hunt after church. For some reason, Levi did not want to look AT the camera. So it seemed that all my pictures were of him avoiding me. Here are the best ones that I could get. The third picture is actually from December but at least he was smiling at the camera. The next picture is from December, also but it turned out pretty well with all 3 then the last is Daddy, Hadassah and Zoe - yesterday at the Egg Hunt.


Angie Lynn said...

How could I forget Levi's second birthday! Shame on me! Happy Birthday big boy!!!!

The Byrd's Nest said...

Hey girl.....I found your blog through Rebecca Powell's blog!!!! Isn't it so wonderful they have a contract on their home now?!

The pictures of your children are just beautiful. See you soon!