Saturday, April 25, 2009

Our first week at ILC

Our first week at ILC has been a little crazy.  We arrived on Monday, got settled and started into classes on Wednesday.  Levi and Zoe had some bad coughs and fevers so Jeff and I got to tag team each other by having to miss class and staying in our living area (about 450 sq.feet - mostly taken up with 3 bedrooms) with them.  Levi missed the first day but Zoe was fine.  The second day, Levi went to class and Zoe stayed home with fever but Levi was soon sent "home" with a fever, too.  Their coughs were so bad that we went to the doctor to see about the correct medication.  At the doctor, Levi got lots of stickers -hence the picture of 'Sticker Boy' below.  Diagnosis - the common cold and take Delsym and Benadryl (both of which I already had) but oh well, we got a cute picture out of it all. :-)
So we have had a quite Saturday and are looking forward to Small Group Worship tomorrow then Monday starts off with a bang with our Spiritual Warfare Classes with the president of the IMB, Dr. Jerry Rankin.


The Helgren Family said...

We are praying for you guys at ILC! We loved our time there and made lifetime friends! I pray the same for you guys! I will pray that the babies stay healthy too, ours were so sick there but havent been sick here hardly at all! Praise the Lord...HE IS GOOD!

robin said...

Hope they are feeling better. We've got all that, too. I'm hoping it will go away soon. Have a great week!