Thursday, April 2, 2009

Please pray...

Converts Praying at Evangelist Billy Graham's African Crusade by James Burke
Billy Graham's 1960 African Crusade

LOZI OF ZAMBIA AND NAMIBIA (LOH-zee) Is it hard for you to trust the Lord? Even when we’ve walked with the Lord for years, we sometimes find that it’s difficult to really let our heart trust what we know in our mind is true. "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding." (Proverbs 3:5 NASB) But it’s so much easier to lean on what we know and understand! Melissa Frady, career missionary to the Lozi, asks that we pray for the members of the remote Mawawa Baptist Church. She asks that we pray that the Lozi Christians there will "trust enough in the truth of God’s Word to follow Him with their whole being!" Melissa plans to make several trips to Mawawa and spend time there camping as she teaches and models what it means to trust in Christ. One of the strong leaders of the Mawawa Church is Evans. You have prayed for Evans and Charity before. Please continue to lift them up before the throne of God. Pray for several members of Evan’s family who are sick. Lord, you are worthy of our trust! Help us and our Lozi brothers and sisters in Mawawa to trust You with a childlike faith! Protect Evans and provide for his physical and spiritual needs as he leads other young men in evangelism. Heal his family members. Teach them to trust You with all their heart!

LOZI OF ZAMBIA AND NAMIBIA (LOH-zee) "Man of Peace" is a missionary term we often use to describe a man or woman who welcomes us into his or her community. And a man of peace is exactly what Pastor Mubyana (Moo-bee-ah-nah) and Mr. Masona need. These two believers are surveying in Mandanga, a new area just outside of Mongu town, the provincial capital of Western Zambia. But in all their surveying, they have yet to find a man of peace in this area. Lord Jesus, You are the Prince of Peace! And we ask that you raise up a man of peace in the Mandanga area. Enable Pastor Mubyana and Mr. Masona to put into practice the evangelism training that they have received. Help them to be bold and courageous as they prayerwalk through this new area. Please, Prince of Peace, let the Lozi people here long for Your peace that passes all understanding. May they grow tired of their generational fears and anxiety. Let Pastor Mubyana and Mr. Masona be messengers of Your peace!

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