Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Protea Prayer Retreat 2009

We just got finished with our mission wide prayer retreat today.  We had some really awesome times of specific prayer.  It was wonderful to finally meet the whole mission family.  We had a little bit of time to go on a game drive.  We saw these ladies.   They were huge and intimidating, even behind the fence. One of the workers said that if they were free to roam on the game park, there would be no other animals. :)
This is three families from our team.  Mike and Tyler Smith are in front with the Lowe family in the second seat and the Wints in back.
Below are many but not all of our Zambian MKs with Kevin Rodgers on the far left.  Starting from left to right: Kevin, Heather Shwarz, Evie Smith, Taylor Langston, Hannah Rodgers, Hadassah, Lily Helgren, Easton Helgren (standing), Lane Schwarz, Seth Schwarz, Anna Bowman, Abigail, Bowman, Zoe, Levi, Tobias Schwarz, Micah Langston and Tyler Smith!!

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