Thursday, November 19, 2009

Home in Mongu

I am looking forward to getting back to our normal so as I was looking through my pictures, I decided to put some pictures of our house on the blog.  Below is Levi's room.  I am standing in the far corner.  The door is to the left of the night stand.  He has a twin bed, night stand, (almost empty) toy box and a fan in his room.  We are kind of bare bones as we will not be able to unpack our crates until we get to Lukulu.
This is looking at our room from the doorway.  To the left of the bed is the closet and at the foot of the bed is the door to the bathroom.
Below is our living room, looking at it from the hallway.  The dining room is kind of behind the tv.  The front door is to the right of the window.  Again, you can see that we are pretty bare.  The furniture has been placed there by the mission so that we can use it during our language study.  Just a little glimpse into our 'regular' lives. :)

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The Byrd's Nest said...

Yes...our house looks! We are trying very hard not to buy anything until we get to Mexico! I love all of the pictures from 40/40 on your friends was so wonderful to see everyone from FPO and what God is doing with you all. Love you sweet girl!