Tuesday, November 17, 2009

More pictures from our homestay

Last pictures before we left.  The Mwenda family has 7 children.  As you can see, a few of them were missing in this picture.  The 2 oldest boys had already gone to the field at about 5am and the baby girl would not get in the picture.

Hezekiah was going to ride this bike with 3 children on it as we went to church but we subtly got our children off of it.  Zoe actually stayed on it for just a little bit but quickly got off as she thought that he was going too fast.  The walk to church ended up being about 40 minutes each way.

Jeff was able to help thatch the roof to the bathing house.

Our family had a mango tree in their yard and they ate several each day.  Here is Elias, Levi and Zoe as each were in different stages of eating mangos.  The hut in back was the one that we stayed 3 nights in.

The mango tree.  Can you find Zoe?

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Anonymous said...

Well got to see some of what the lifestyle that you all will be living. May God Bless. I like the pictures though. Oh what are powered peanuts used for?