Sunday, February 26, 2012

What Was It?

He was obviously a popular young guy at the moment. He had one and they did not. They were all huddled around him, gazing in wonder at what he had. He was in control of it, being careful that the other boys did not get too handsy with what he had. You may ask - what was it? It was a ragged book that looked like it may have been a school book at one time in it's newly published life. You would have thought that it was the absolute latest technical gadget on the market, they way that they carefully paged through it.

I saw this just yesterday. It is not a bad thing to be captivated by a book. It is actually a very good thing, if it is a wholesome and educational book. We were at Kaluwawa Community School which is a mud rectangle with small, very crudely built benches for the kids to sit on and a slightly higher bench for their 'desk'. I honestly do not know if they even have any books for the kids. I have never seen a book in that school. I hope at least the teacher has a book to teach the children from but then again, I don't know - as I have seen incorrect information on
the barely there school chalkboards. Kids walking home from school rarely
have books in their hands.

As I watched these young boys - maybe 10-13 years old - gaze in wonder at this ragged book, I prayed with all my heart that they would have the same fascination with The Holy Bible. May these boys rise up and become leaders in their village. May they truly be men of The Book. Lord, may it be so!

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