Sunday, February 26, 2012

Who prays for these children?

This is Mboo (m-bow). I took this picture today during the Adult Bible Study. I had already finished the Kids Bible Study. Mboo is one of my favorite little girls as she is not afraid of me. She actually voluntarily comes up to me and gets in my lap - which is very rare. She probably had never seen a camera and obviously didn't know to smile. As I was sitting outside next to a mud "school" yesterday after I had taught about 50 kids, I was praying. I looked at these ragged, smelly, beautiful children and wondered if anyone had EVER prayed for them. It broke my heart. I just looked them in the eye and prayed for them - wondering who they would become. I wonder sometimes if I am just here for the Lord to refine me AND pray for these children. They have no supervision. Little 4-5 year old girls are carrying babies on their back who are probably 1-2 years old - and they do it like pros. Literally, children raising children. And that doesn't even address the fact that almost every 15 year old girl has her own baby on her back.

But today, Mboo was prayed for. Her new baby sister, Ruth who is only 2 weeks old, was prayed for. As I held each child in my arms, I prayed desperately for them.
Thank you, My LORD God, for hearing those prayers. I know that HE loves them even more than I could ever do so.
Praise His holy name...

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